How did the conflict begin?

The origins of the Israel-Hamas conflict can be traced back to World War I. In an attempt to conquer and attack the Ottoman Empire, Britain exchanged letters with the Arabs in 1915-1916 in the Husayn-McMahon Correspondence, agreeing to have them launch the Arab Revolt against the Ottoman Empire in exchange for Britain guaranteeing Arab independence in the Middle East after the war.

However, in 1917, the British government made the Balfour Declaration, aiming to gain Jewish support, which also promised a independent nation for the Jews. This triggered an ongoing conflict between Jewish and Arab populations in the region, as both groups claimed the land as theirs. The declaration set the stage for decades of tension, disputes, and confrontations eventually leading to all out war. For clarification, a commonly held misconception is that the Israelis are currently in war against Palestine. However, this is not true as the Israelis are currently in conflict with the Islamic resistance movement Hamas, who are strongly against Israel and hold power over the Gaza strip.